I love my heels but just in case ..

Skin: al vulo- miha * bronze      NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Hair: Angel - Jack_Soi          NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Tongue: [EY:NO] Cool Tongue     NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Glasses: :F: Reading Glasses
Tattoo: ::TK:: Ahoy Sailor! tattoo
Plugs: .Blanco. Ear Plug  - Zebra      Recent release!!
Belt: ~Pepper~ Basti Belt     NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Sneakers: ~Pepper~ Sneakers Necklace    Recent release!!
Pants: :::T.T.F:::Punky jeans     NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Tops: :::T.T.F:::stripped Tee(blk-white)      NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Outfits: :::T.T.F:::Distressed     NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Socks: *L.inc* Garter Nylons Torn
Nails:  Mstyle
Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps    NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]

Poses: Apple Spice     NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]

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I do gladly accept review copies from designers.

If you want me to review your items, drop me a folder and don't forget to include the name of your store and the LM, or a notecard with all the info you think are important.

I reserve the right to not blog/post items that i wouldn't wear for my personal use.

Thank for you interest and feel free to IM me in world.

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Must take a look...

Must take a look...