Skin: :F: Jasmine . Cocoa . 06  NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Andarial
Piercings: [Acide!] Jam Grey [Mouth]  GSP
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Jesus Necklace   NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]
Top: SOURIRES - Look my mustache  GSP
Tattoo: [Diamond] Playground tattoo for GSP
Pants: Spirit Store - Tatyana pants  NEW !!! [ Thx !  ]

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Review Policy

I do gladly accept review copies from designers.

If you want me to review your items, drop me a folder and don't forget to include the name of your store and the LM, or a notecard with all the info you think are important.

I reserve the right to not blog/post items that i wouldn't wear for my personal use.

Thank for you interest and feel free to IM me in world.

Adriana Bombastic



Must take a look...

Must take a look...